1. 18:59 25th Aug 2014

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    The Book is on Lifesupport


    I have to admit, I’m frustrated. Sales on the book continue to drop and there doesn’t seem to be much I can do to stop it. I’ve tried everything I can.

    I got a big-name voice actor to do my trailer. 

    I got national news coverage

    I switched the book to color.


    Nothing seems to be working.

    It’s a critically acclaimed series, with an average of 8.9 out of 10 over 59 reviews. It’s good. I say that without a hint of arrogance. It really is a good series.

    So the conclusion I’m coming to is that people really don’t want female-led books. Unless it’s Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman or Batgirl.

    They really don’t want characters of color, racial diversity, or LGBT representation. 

    What I’m learning is that I should be drawing and writing books about dudes and the oversexed badgirls they fool around with. I can’t make a living doing what I’m doing, so why not sell out, right? That’s where the money is.

    Except I really DON’T believe that. I BELIEVE in what I’m doing. I believe that there’s an audience for it.

    It’s time for that audience to step up.

    CALL or GO INTO your local comic shop and order the trade. The order number is APR140534. Don’t get it at Amazon, tell your comic book store there are readers. Monthlies aren’t sold on Amazon, and monthlies are how I make a living.

    CALL or GO INTO your local comic shop and order the first two issues of the next volume. The order numbers are JUL140458, and AUG140691. 

    If you really want to see more diversity in comics, it starts with supporting the books that are already trying to make a difference. I’m not the only one. RACHEL RISINGGENIUS, CONCRETE PARK and many other great books about strong women and people of color are out there and they need your support.

    Without it, we’ll have to close up shop.

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    Dudes, I’ve been trying for years to insert only one space after a period and I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.  I am going to be a two spacer for life.  I am, however, getting good at finishing documents and setting it to find ”  ” and replace with ” “.

    It’s because we learned to type on typewriters. we are probably the last generation to do so. I have to think about it every time. this is proper typing when typing on typewriters.

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    I had no idea this was a thing. Can I ask why you decided to do it? Feel free to ask box me.

    I’ve been working with an amazing doctor that is helping me with some chronic fatigue issues. well actually we’ve found out that I have some thyroid shit happening and some auto immune stuff and I’m awaiting the results of my micro-nutrinent panel, so we’ll see about that too.

    Anyway, one of the things she is really big on is using dietary changes before jumping to traditional medication.  So in addition to adding vitamins to my diet, she also wants me to work on getting “good bugs” in my digestive system (hence the high-consentration probiotics).  She also wants me on 1 month of an anti-candida cleanse*, which I’m starting after the wedding. I thought I could start the Candex pills now, but I am going to cut those out until later, I can’t deal with feeling shitty right now.

    *cleanse here meaning eating normally calorie-wise, but basically no grains no sugar and drinking tons of water - it’s slightly more elaborate than that, but for the sake of tumblr-conversation i’ll leave it at that.

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    I started taking a high-concentration of probiotics and an anti-candida daily and holy shit die-off is the worst. 

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    Post-Punker Mixtape: 80’s Minimal Synth


    1. The Cabinet - Das Kabinette
    2. Destination Moon - Solid Space
    3. Pure Delight - Martin Dupont
    4. Svetlana - Xex
    5. Speed - Daily Fauli
    6. Brazilia - In Trance 95
    7. A.G.N.E.S. - 1000 Ohm
    8. U-Men - Front 242
    9. Dance - John Bender
    10. Cardboard Lamb - Crash…

    yes please

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    Worst people to talk to right now - white wives of white cops (actually all white people are the worst, i know).  I know i’m white and i’m part of the problem, they can’t fucking shut up about how it’s not all cops and I am just going to keep telling them that they are wrong and terrible.*

    *and that the entire system of law enforcement in this country is completely fucked up and racist and that’s just the tip of the problem

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    Limited Edition David Bowie Candles are now available on LastCraft Etsy

    Berlin Bowie

    Glam Bowie

    Labyrinth Bowie

    Inspired by the upcoming David Bowie Is exhibit at the MCA Chicago, I made these digital college pieces for limited edition (25, numbered) altar candles.

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Come join us in Berlin the 19th september! We will be selling the book in limited supply so come early to grab a copy!Also, a couple of days later, in the same nightclub, the Chameleons will perform live! A good excuse to do a trip to Berlin!

god i wish


    Come join us in Berlin the 19th september! We will be selling the book in limited supply so come early to grab a copy!

    Also, a couple of days later, in the same nightclub, the Chameleons will perform live! A good excuse to do a trip to Berlin!

    god i wish

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    like honestly over 700 people follow this blog and I apparently follow 400 and frankly i interact with maybe like 50 of you. that’s weird right? yeah. 

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    i’ve spent a lot more time on fb lately. mostly because I’ve felt very attached to people I know in real life. And while i do know some tumblr folks in real life, it has been feeling harder to keep connections here lately. Though even my relationship with fb is complicated. What is really happening is that I’m more interested in personal connections and less interested in reading the same depressing shit over and over again (which doesn’t mean i don’t care - the problem is really that I care too much and i have been getting teary and sad over all the world’s problems of which there are a lot of right now).

    I’m trying to still be aware of this space, but really hardly anyone engages with me here and I find that sad and weird.

    One of the things I’ve been doing is reaching out via text or email to people that I haven’t connected with in a while. I have been doing my best to do that at least once a week (not to the same people necessarily). I think it’s a good exercise in social activity that isn’t just mass updates to whomever happens upon them.

    All this to say, I’m just really into communicating these days and if I’ve got your email, you’re likely going to hear from me that way.